Piki Piki

Piki Piki


10 x 8 cm

Recycled Fishing Net and Bronze Bells

Travelling to special places, often free from mass tourism, sometimes still protected by indigenous people has given me the chance to understand the importance of revisiting existing material without producing any new.
Collecting and recycling fishing nets, turning them into lightweight colourful sacs is a way to give back to the Samburu people of Northern Kenya, as the funds received will be donated to the Calleri Early Child Development Centre, in Wamba, Samburu District. 

  • Refund Policy

    Due to the donation made to the Calleri Early Child Development Centre once you have purchased unfortunately it will not be possible to request a refund.

  • Shipping Policy

    Please allow 10 days for shipping in the EU; 15 days for USA & CANADA.