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The materials I use are often recycled from antique furniture or from old usages; sourced in my travels or at the local market, vintage linens make every Graceful Object unique and rare.

A first idea was to upcycle fishing nets turning them into lightweight sacs, similar to the indigenous bilum bags from Papua New Guinea, used for carrying babies or utensils for fishing. The Narlai Sea Sacs are my way of giving back and celebrating indigenous cultures, from which I gain so much knowledge.

Feeling the need to communicate important messages and sharing my good energy I started what I called the Mystic Art of Banners : using different vintage materials I create flags bearing a slogan or a design, channelling warmth and beauty, all are, one-of-a-kind.

the palmist _ decorative objects
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Since embarking on this incredible journey, becoming an artisan myself, time spent working with my hands has been the greatest of all; learning from my grand-mother, from a Ukrainian youtuber, from the seller at the market and everyday by myself. 

I became very specialised into palm embroidery, in finding the perfect weight of fabric for each object and also became pretty good at bargaining!

A collaboration took place in Summer/Autumn 2019 where in a beautiful studio in Puglia I partnered with Atelier Moki Musa and created two collections of Poetry Cushions inspired by exotic architectures and cultures. These are all available to purchase.

Using vintage linens and embellishing each piece with cotton or jute embroideries, my Table Setting accessories are made 100% by hand, they are the perfect addition to a slow-lifestyle.

clementina calleri

the palmist project comes from my devotion to different artisanal practices and the idea of discovering new ways of sharing the manufacturing techniques I have come to learn from my travels and the people I have worked with.

the palmist _ decorative objects

The "Club" is formed by incredibly talented artisans I have the chance to work with in different areas of the world.
Learning from them, I am grateful to have them part of

the palmist club as their knowhow and smiles make everything better. Supporting local people through craftsmanship is a crucial matter as these knowledges are disappearing fast
and without preserving them the beauty of the handmade
will no longer exist.

Becoming a craftsman/woman is never the first option to the young generation, as they hope making a better living in big cities.Very few are willing to continue this honourable tradition and it is them we are supporting: always looking for hands with the power of transforming a natural element into an object full of grace and story,I am working with gifted men whom understood my vision and followed key instructions, both our worlds combined, the result of this creative adventure are our Club Lumière palmshades and our special (made-to-order) Backgammon Table.

Researching beauty in every aspect of life, my collection of Graceful Objects is an interpretation of the unusual and the exotic.
It aims to attract art lovers, aesthetes, and those who share a desire to infuse spiritual intention into their daily lives and practices.

the palmist _ decorative objects