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Wamba - Calleri School

 The Narlai Sea Sacs are my way of giving back and celebrating indigenous cultures, from which I gain so much knowledge.
In memory of my late brother Seba and father Puti, my family and I have decided to build a community school in the tiny village of Wamba (Northern Kenya).


Our mission is to transform impoverished children into educated students by giving them a “fair start” in education in order to transition successfully to succeed in academic subjects in the Kenyan school curriculum in government schools.

After graduating, our students need an extra push to be able to attend government Primary School: a small bursary of £38 GBP will allow them to buy the school books, uniform, entry fee. Without these they will not be accepted in and will loose a year.

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puti's class, Calleri ECDC

The important thing is to believe in people's goodness, in honesty, in goals and living life striving to achieve them. We may still believe in the value of life, that everything isn't caos, wickedness and despair. It is this certainty that supports me and gives me serenity. 

- Dr. Silvio Prandoni, Wamba Catholic Hospital, September 27th, 1974.


Wesupport children's education in Northern Kenya through creating and selling the Narlai Sea Sacs made with upcycled fishing-nets found on the Kenyan coast.

the palmist _ decorative objects

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The Calleri Early Child Development Centre (ECDC)  was opened at its present location in 2013, the structure is divided between two classrooms, a daycare room, a kitchen, a playground and a watchman shelter.

We strive to:​

  • Provide a “fair start” in education following the Kenyan curriculum for Pre-Primary Schools. 

  • Two classes: Pre-Primary 1 for 3-4 y-old and Pre-Primary 2 for 5-6 y-old children.

  • Monitor child health and nutrition.

  • Provide a daily meal.

  • Offer daycare for 2-3 years old children.

  • Accept disabled children from the Huruma Home.

  • Offer “work fo fees” programme for parents or guardians.


The school is led by very capable local women that have a real understanding of our mission and strive to fulfil it in every aspect.

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the palmist _ decorative objects
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