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We ONLY choose to use antique or vintage materials such as antique linens, grain sacks, and bed linens for our Poetry Cushions and Table Setting pieces and Travel Accessories.

All our materials are eco-friendly and most of them are upcycled. This choice is above all to reduce our climate impact and limit the amount of water and wastewater used in production. We only wash the linens with eco-friendly products, when purchased or found in my family's old boxes and let them dry outside.
No chemicals are used during any of our processes.

collecting vintage fabrics to create a #


the palmist stands for environment-friendly home products, we believe small steps are milestones to changing the way we consume and paying attention to the products we choose. Slow living is our lifestyle.

the palmist _ decorative objects

Travelling to special places, often free from mass tourism, sometimes still protected by indigenous people has given me the chance to understand the importance of using existing material without having to be producing any new. To create the Narlai Sea Sacs collection I have been collecting and recycling fishing nets, turning them into lightweight colourful sacs. These sacs are a way to give back to the Samburu people of Northern Kenya, as the funds received are donated to the Calleri Early Child Development Centre, in Wamba, Samburu District.

In Kenya Clementina developed a collection of Graceful Objects made in Palm fibre. Together with Paul, we produce the Club Lumière lampshades and the Palmita Rug, which has natural dyed palm fibre.



Every piece is made by hand either by Clementina or in collaboration with an artisan.

This ensures every product is one of a kind, it also shows imperfections and details only possible when making an object with our own hands. 

The Masseria Ceramic Set is made in collaboration with Enza Fasano, whom comes from the family that has always worked Apulian ceramics and made them famous worldwide. Their work is remarkable and their pieces are originals. Clementina has collaborated with them to create a set with pieces that were used in the old times, using a water-based glaze to show the terracotta underneath it.

the palmist _ decorative objects
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