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"VIEWS" - a work of art depicting a sight of natural scenery.

- the visual appearance or an image of something when looked at in a particular way.

VEDUTA I - Messengers of dreams

Expressing the connection between Earth and the Energies that send messages in our dreams, send signs and that way connect with us via a enlightened path.

Linen threads on antique linen - canvas mounted
L230 x H60 cm

IMG_8098 2.JPG

VEDUTA II - Folies Berbères

A mystical mirage of an oasis in the Sahara desert.

Linen threads, raw silk appliqués on antique linen 
L230 x H60 cm



The brief heart-warming sight of a miracle.

Linen threads, jute appliqués on antique linen 
L260 x H65 cm


VEDUTA IV - Kibou No Hikari

Holding up banners for peace, the modern Samurai

Linen and cotton threads on antique linen
L250 x H75 cm


VEDUTA IV.I - Hikari e no Michi

The path towards Light, is only through peace

Mixed media on antique Japanese tatami mat
L375 x H90 cm


VEDUTA V - Old Growth Tree

Where do you feel SAFE ? 
Old Growth Trees are here to bring deeply grounded benevolence and wisdom to the Earth.  They are bridges between Heaven and Earth.

Linen and cotton threads, jute appliqué on antique linen
L270 x H70 cm

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